Ingredient Profile: Benefits of Acacia Concinna Fruit (Shikakai) Extract

July 20, 2020 | Written by Kathy Watson

Most of us use a conditioner to smooth and strengthen our hair. Well-conditioned hair is free of tangles and easy to style and manage. Our conditioner also works wonders on your scalp as well as your hair because it’s loaded with hard-working botanical ingredients. Acacia Concinna fruit extract is one of them. This cleansing yet nourishing ingredient is a gift from nature and here’s what we have discovered about this powerful ingredient.

What Is Acacia Concinna Fruit Extract?

Acacia concinna fruit extract comes from the shikakai nut. The nut comes from a shrub that primarily grows in India and across the Asian subcontinent. The plant is an Ayurvedic herb that’s used for multiple purposes, including diabetes, high cholesterol, gastric disorders, and oral diseases.

However, it’s also an effective cleanser and conditioner for the hair. Indian women refer to acacia concinna fruit extract as “the hair fruit.” The bark of the plant contains saponins, which help natural cleansers create that “foamy lather,” you often see with skincare products. Along with this, saponins have been traditionally used as cleaning agents.

How is Acacia Concinna Fruit Extract Good for Your Hair?

Harsh soaps and detergents can strip your strands of their natural oils. However, some botanicals, such as acacia concinna fruit extract, have low pH levels and won’t damage your hair.

Protects Your Hair

Acacia Concinna Fruit leaves your hair’s lipid layer intact, and that lipid layer is essential. The fruit also protects your strands from frizz, humidity, and friction. The sebaceous glands in your scalp produce oil that nourishes your hair. But once the strands start to grow, your body can’t repair them. Your hair is coated with a film of fatty molecules, though, which preserves the hair.

Many shampoos contain chemicals that strip this lipid layer from your hair. Conditioners can replenish it, but wouldn’t it be nice if you could leave your hair’s natural protective surface as it is? Acacia concinna fruit extract cleanses and protects, without stripping this important lipid layer from your scalp and hair.

Because it is so gentle on your hair, acacia concinna fruit extract is also perfect for people with color-treated strands. It won’t remove the pigment from your hair dye as other hair products might do.

The Many Scalp and Hair Benefits of Acacia Concinna

Acacia Cocinna extract is nature’s little miracle scalp and hair gift. The extract’s benefits are numerous elimination of dandruff, to UV protection and follicle stimulation.

The extract has antioxidant properties. The acids and antioxidant properties of the fruit help detox the scalp. They help remove contaminants from your hair and skin, nourishing the hair follicles. Healthy follicles produce healthy hair.

Acacia concinna fruit extract also works on your scalp to combat dandruff. It’s gentle and safe for sensitive skin, which makes it ideal for allergies, inflammation, or irritation that’s affecting the scalp. People with eczema or psoriasis can also benefit from this ingredient.

Shikaki has cooling properties. It can soothe itchy skin when it’s applied topically. It can replenish your scalp, helping it heal from dermatological issues.

This botanical ingredient contains vitamins C, D, E, K, and A. Vitamin C is one of the best nutrients for hair growth. The body requires vitamin C to produce collagen, which is a vital part of your hair’s structure.

Along with vitamin E, vitamin C is an antioxidant that can protect your hair from environmental damage, including harm from UV rays.

Vitamin A helps your glands make the sebum that keeps your hair healthy and shiny. Sebum is moisturizing and can prevent split ends, while Vitamin D may assist in creating new hair follicles. If your hair is thinning, it doesn’t hurt to use products that impact your follicles.

The saponins, antioxidants, and vitamins in this plant make your hair shiny and bouncy. This plant extract is a detangler. When you use our conditioner, you’ll be able to run a comb or your fingers through your hair after a shower.

Tugging on tangles can cause breakage. You can avoid frayed ends and broken strands by using a product that makes your hair easier to manage—like conditioners with Acacia concinna fruit extract in them.

Why Is Acacia Concinna Fruit Extract Included in Hair Care Products?

Shikakai (Acacia Concinna) is a small shrub-like tree that grows in the warm, dry plains of central India. Despite its small size, the pod-like fruit has enormous benefits for your scalp and hair. The fruit is high in saponin – an antibacterial compound that helps follicles to stay clean and unclogged. Saponin also slows and stops the production of 5-lipoxygenase (5-LOX), which can trigger inflammation and itch.

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