Revive | The Right Hair & Scalp Wellness Routine – Part II

September 11, 2020 | Written by Christine Lee

Collective Laboratories is on a mission to make scalp wellness, hair health, and hair growth as simple, natural, and powerful as possible. By combining the best of nature, eastern medicine, and modern science we aim to reinvent an industry that has been confusing, complicated, and often full of harmful chemicals. Let’s change that.

Step 3: Revive – Activating

Everyone has their unique hair drying routine after they step out of the shower or bath. Some of us like to use big moisture-absorbent cloths to dry our hair, others enjoy a speedy blow-dry, and many of us may allow our hair to air dry. Many of these post-shampoo and conditioner habits have been instilled in us from childhood or been influenced by the climate of where we live. What do the experts suggest? Is there a right way to dry your hair after your shower?

Here’s what our hair experts recommend to safely dry hair:

As you get out of the shower, towel dry your hair. For some, your scalp and hair care may stop right here. It shouldn’t.

If you are experiencing thinning hair, or if you want to add real volume to your hair while boosting follicle output, this is the step when you should consider adding a leave-in serum.

Once you’ve finished our Prepare & Repair step using our Detoxifying Shampoo and Fortifying Conditioner, your hair and scalp are clean. Chemical residue and buildup has been eliminated. The pH level of your scalp is more balanced. Your scalp is now ready for our Revive step, using our Activating Serum.

Our Activating Serum is packed with DHT blockers that fight hair loss. And all of the ingredients work together to stimulate blood flow to follicles, balance pH and sebum levels on the scalp and fortify hair shafts – promoting healthy hair growth. Our formulation is designed to fight hair loss and also stimulate growth. Discover more about how the ingredients in our Science Behind the Serum post.

Collective Laboratories took 20 years to source and curate the ingredients used in our Activating Serum. Each ingredient has been used for a reason and each of the properties works together to provide superior scalp health, follicle function, and growth stimulation.

Here are three of the powerhouse ingredients in our serum:

Lilac Stem Cells
For centuries, lilac flowers have been used in aromatherapy and medicine to soothe a variety of ailments. Lilacs are purifying and soothing, promoting focus and relaxation. In ancient medicine, they were used to treat parasites, malaria, and fevers.

Stem cells are undifferentiated cells—unique cells that are able to become specialized cells or to divide to produce new stem cells. Hair follicles are made up of stem cells that are present in the skin and help produce hair. These cells are unique because they are typically inactive or “quiescent” until quickly activated during a new hair cycle. When these cells don’t activate, hair doesn’t grow. Research has shown that plant stem cells promote the activation of hair follicles and may prolong their lifespan. For more in-depth information about lilac stem cells, check out our ingredient profiles.

TrichogenTM is a derivative blend of ingredients often prescribed in traditional Chinese medicine. When combined with amino acids and vitamins it provides our body the nutrients needed during the natural hair cycle to regain a healthy scalp equilibrium. TrichogenTM was developed specifically to help people suffering from abnormal hair loss to recover a normal rate of hair loss, as well as stimulate the scalp to encourage future growth. For more in-depth information about Trichogen™, check out our Science Behind the Serum post.

HotFlux® is another powerhouse compound found in our Activating Serum. Also known as Vanillyl Butyl Ether, users often experience a warming sensation when it’s applied to their hair. A mix of capsaicin and nonivamide, HotFlux® nourishes thes scalp to encourage stronger hair. HotFlux® presents an inhibitory effect on 5-a reductase activity with a clear decrease in Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) ratio — the hormone that causes the miniaturization of hair follicles and contributes significantly to hair loss in both women and men.

How to Properly Towel Dry Your Hair

Do we really need a section about something as straightforward as towel drying? Yes.

Ok, so you’re now out of the shower. When towel drying, please be gentle. Research has shown that drying a wet head of hair vigorously with a towel can cause hair to become brittle and fragile – especially when sandwiching long hair between folded sections of the towel and rubbing, pulling, or twisting the strands. Split-ends can result, as well as stripping the hair shaft and cuticle of beneficial nutrients.

Simply cover your head and hair with your towel, and very gently massage your scalp and strands, being careful not to pull or scrape.


Using one full dropper of Activating Serum, touch the dropper to your scalp, release a small amount of serum, and move to another spot on your scalp until you’ve used the full dropper of serum. You won’t need more than one dropper full for any one application.

Even if you’re only experiencing thinning or loss in one area, it’s important to apply the Activating Serum all over your scalp to promote full scalp wellness — and prevent hair loss or hair thinning.


Take 30 seconds to one minute and gently massage the Activating Serum into your scalp with your fingers to ensure an even spread.

As a treat, you may want to use our Champi massager: finding its roots in Ayurveda and the Champi tradition, our scalp massager improves blood circulation to the hair follicles to help grow strong and healthy hair – – especially when combined with our Activating Serum.

Blow Drying

Whether or not you’ve just applied our Activating Serum, we highly recommend that you use a hairdryer to rough dry your scalp after every shower. A damp scalp can invite more bacteria and challenge your follicles as they are working to produce hair.

If a hairdryer is set to either “medium” or “cold” (avoid the “hot” setting), held 6-12 inches away from your head, and if you move the hairdryer with one hand while styling & fluffing your hair with the other, you will not damage your hair.

It’s not as important to dry the rest of your hair – the scalp is most important.

Non-shampoo Days

At Collective Laboratories, we always recommend regularly washing your hair to maintain and clean a healthy scalp and hair. However, there are some days when we can’t quite fit in a shampoo and may think of using a dry shampoo. We recommend several healthier alternatives to dry shampoo but our serum can be applied on a dry scalp on non-shampoo days. Just apply to your dry scalp, massage the serum into your scalp, and lightly blow-dry while ‘styling’ your hair with your free hand, and you’ll see an instant lift to your hair. Most importantly your scalp will feel refreshed and oil-free.


This may sound like a lot – but we assure you, it’s only a couple of extra minutes per day, and is so well worth it. All of our steps and ingredients are carefully curated and tested in order to get you on your way to your healthiest scalp, and fullest hair.

For more information about our products, ingredients, and regimen, check out the Research section on – and visit our ingredients page to discover more about what’s in our products.

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